Package Bundles


I was having a chat with the guy at work that converted me to an Atom user. After hours of testing out packages we finally settled on what we found to be the best atom plugins for php editing that suited our purposes. This got me to thinking about how amazing the extensibility is in Atom, but how it could be helped along a little bit with the addition of “Bundles”. Same deal as packages, user created content etc, but effectively just a way to link together a specific set of packages. So, for example, a user could package up the “php-integrator-*” packages, and “dockblockr”, etc, into a “Modular PHP Editing” bundle. A new user to atom could easily install this bundle and then just disable/tweak the items as necessary - but without needing to look around and try out too much.

Obviously each person’s preference is different, so in the event a bundle is installed and it’s not what the person was chasing they would be able to uninstall a full bundle and try another, rather than needing to manage the individual packages.

I’m not sure if this idea has been brought up before, but I thought I’d put it out there anyway.


Yes, it has been brought up before. I can’t find the duplicate topic right now though :slight_frown:


You can make use of atom-package-deps to create bundles, it’s basically what I used to create nsis-ide. Besides the tool-bar, all it does is install packages that turn Atom into a powerful NSIS editor.