Override soft wrap behavior on special comment lines


i use (and mantain) this package, and it behaves terribly with soft wrap… when ASCII comments exceed the preferred line length they get wrapped and become totally unreadable.

i thought an ‘override softwrap’ checkbox in the package settings could have helped, and the logic behind it is: when override is enables, don’t wrap comment lines without any letter or number…
this would keep normal comments wrapping, as they usually contain at least one letter or number… and if they don’t, they probably do not exceed preferred line length. and if they do, they are probably not that ‘normal’ and you won’t mind if they don’t wrap… :slight_smile:

another idea is to make a standalone package (‘atom-smart-wrapper’): this could help people using long comment lines as a kind of <hr> separator for the code, and they are probably annoyed by the wrap as well…

what do you suggest?