Override default atom pending pane behaviour with hotkey


First of all, thanks to the community for this great text editor.
I have been using it for 2 years and I’m loving it.

I find pending pane useful most of the time with one exception, sometimes files in my project folder are too large, usually it’s downloaded/generated files, which I want to remove (or more rarely rename) and when I do so from tree view atom hangs for a considerable time.

I thought it would be nice to have the ability e.g. ctrl+click file in tree view to select it without viewing in pending pane. Or maybe there is such possibility, it’s just me not aware of it?


Well, actually I can delete it without previewing, but if I change my mind and decide to keep it for a while(and in case with rename as well), editor will hang for a minute generating unneeded preview. Aldo I know that I can disable pending pane in settings, however usually I need it.


To clarify: when you right-click on a tree view item and select Rename, the file opens in a pending pane item? That doesn’t happen for me. Does it happen before or after the dialog appears asking for the new name?


If I use context menu this doesn’t happen for me either. Sorry I haven’t even tried that, I always did via Select -> F2.
But I’ve noticed that I have troubles since those file appeared in my project. Atom hangs for minutes and I had several crashes as well(I waited too long and decided to force close to be precise). I don’t understand why, maybe I’ve touched those files occasionally, I’m not sure, I can’t reliably reproduce that issue. Those files are not ridiculously giant actually, it’s csv files about not larger than 15mb, with ~30 cols and ~20000 rows. Have you any ideas what can cause this?

I have just thought of disabling syntax highlighting for csv files…


Do you experience the performance issues in projects that don’t have big files? Do you experience the issues when you open that specific project after starting Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


I didn’t notice any persistent performance issues up to date. But I never had files larger than 1mb in my project folder.

I’ve just tried to run atom in safe mode as you suggested. I’ve started to browse csv’s right away, first file I’ve opened with little lag, but I was able to navigate it. When I’ve switched to second file( I currently have only two of them) atom hanged/crashed.
I’ve restarted atom one more time, opened one of csv’s in new tab, than opened another file, than tried to switch back to tab with csv file, atom hanged for about a 30 seconds(still in a safe mode).

If I force close atom when in hanged and try to restart it it tries to reopen tabs and hangs again(


Did you open the second file alongside the first one? Do you experience any performance issues when those files are not open, or only when one or both are open?

If I force close atom when in hanged and try to restart it it tries to reopen tabs and hangs again

You can open Atom with atom --clear-window-state to force it to forget state information like which tabs were open as well as any unsaved information. If you have any unsaved tabs open, you will have to back up the CSV files and then go inside them and delete their contents. Then Atom won’t hang when you start it and you can close those tabs and put the data back where it was.


Thanks for great tip, I’m using it now when having problems starting atom (usually due to large files have been opened on pervious session).