Override Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination with globalShortcut in Windows 7


I am trying to override Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination on windows 7 platform. I am trying to do this using below code

var ret = globalShortcut.register(‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’,function() {
Console.log(‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete is pressed’);

if(!ret) {
console.log(‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete registration shortcut failed’);

When application launches, I am still able to see Task manager and other options (lock your computer,switch user etc) screen when I press Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination on windows 7 Enterprise platform. I want this key combination disabled.

Anyone have idea if we can bypass this key combination on windows 7 platform


You cannot capture that; it’s a very low level handler (maybe with a key hook; but I think all you can do is control what items show up there… there are ways to disable getting to task manager that way…



What are you aiming to do instead of the Ctrl-Alt-Delete menu? That’s a pretty serious thing, and if I installed a program that overrode Ctrl-Alt-Delete, I would immediately uninstall it and find something else. Ctrl-Alt-Delete is sometimes the only way to gracefully reboot your computer when it gets seriously hung up, and for novice Windows users, they might not know of another way to activate Task Manager. You’re messing with something really fundamental and if there’s any other way to achieve your goal, you should go with the other way.


To prevent key logger and stuff, you cannot intercept ctrl-alt-del. Nor can you use a software to trigger it.

To make your own task manager here is the closest


There are few uses cases for this. One is kiosk mode where user have keyboard. He should not be able to go to Ctrl+Alt+Del menu.
You should be able to get out of it, if you do hard reset on the system. iPad offered Guided Access mode recently where we have similar functionality. ios beta 9.3.2 offers app functionality where apps can lock themselves pragmatically in single app mode. Companies need special entitlement for this. Why can not we have same feature on windows?


You’d probably have to ask Microsoft for the real answer here, but here are some resources that explain various levels of rationale around the security aspects:


By you can’t I really meant in user mode, and thus in electron.
The kiosk mode you speak of is a security feature and thus something else.

For example you can write a custom credential provider or probably write a keyboard filter driver.


Disabling CTRL+ALT+DEL can be done with a registry hack on Windows 7, as described at http://www.northcode.com/blog/Securing-Windows-For-Use-As-A-Kiosk

Windows 10 Kiosk mode setup is documented at https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/itpro/windows/manage/set-up-a-kiosk-for-windows-10-for-desktop-editions and seems more streamlined than earlier Windows versions (so it might be worth considering upgrading from Win 7).