Overnight stylesheet hax of win!


Command Pallete Unscrolled:

Tree View for users who possess eyes:

(sorry about links lacking clickability “https://” … 2 link limit cause I’m a forum-nub)


I really like the boxes in the tree view. The colors don’t work on my setup for some reason but that is easy to change.

I mostly do searching in the command palette so that is less interesting to me.


Amazing idea! Just added this as an option to my syntax theme, with a more subtle approach:


Nice colors man!

I couldn’t get mine to look quite the way I wanted them. but yours are the perfectly subtle!

Can you update the gist? :smiley:


Thanks, really appreciate it! The trick was to use border-style: groove; Here’s the gist:

Package link: https://atom.io/themes/apathy-theme