Outstanding work on One-Light and One-Dark


As someone who is obsessed with getting my coding environment to not only look pleasing but to be usable for hours at a time, I’d like to give kudos to whoever created the new One-Light and One-Dark themes and their respective syntax themes.

I’d switched to the dark UI and theme and it’s quite impressive.


That would be @simurai.


@smlombardi Thanks! :blush:

If you find any issues, don’t be shy to report them. It is still somewhat “beta” and will probably evolve more over time.


I found an issue with HTML files: text is light blue instead of light gray, making text hard to differentiate:

Issue reported: https://github.com/atom/one-dark-syntax/issues/7


Not sure if I did the pull request part correctly, but I forked this and made the text color (editor foreground color) light gray instead of light blue.

I just changed the one place directly, since changing the syntax-text-color variable changed too many dependent things that looked really correct in the original light blue. Here’s the above screen shot after my edit:


Thanks for the PR. It’s a bit tricky since it would affect other stuff, see https://github.com/atom/one-dark-syntax/pull/9#issuecomment-71304026. But I’ll keep https://github.com/atom/one-dark-syntax/issues/7 open and see if it can be improved.


Ah, yes, I didn’t see that. Thanks for the “quick fix” snippet you posted on GH.