Output with large array shows "..."

I am learning machine learning and whenever there is a large array, I get something like this:

[[-1.39187095 4.25846492 0.23254018 4.46712802]
[-1.37635178 4.15018674 4.81828847 1.8207495 ]
[-1.37423066 1.3780063 -0.79917922 1.26561472]

[ 2.99737935 -0.42487551 0.33301614 -0.61156746]
[ 2.7553098 -0.23328983 -0.46778619 -0.24489949]
[ 2.55960556 2.38088557 -1.90605746 -0.49425191]]

It would help a lot if someone could tell me how to fix the “…” in the middle, and instead show the whole array.
Thank You.

Hi, this is the forum for the Atom text editor and Electron framework. We are happy to help with issues relating to these things. It seems you’re running a program in Atom. If you have issues with this, please first try running it on the command line to identify if the issue is with the program itself, or how whatever community package you are using is running the program.

For programming questions in general (when the issue is with the program, not how Atom is running it) please ask somewhere dedicated to that kind of question. E.g., I’m guessing this is Python, so you’d want some kind of Python forum. I don’t personally know any.

@Aerijo: To continue conversation (not my topic) - Do you know how Atom text editor handles / displays large arrays in the text editor? There is no ... (fold) indicator in there - right?

They are running Python in Atom, presumably using script. They are referring to how when you print large numpy arrays in Python, it will truncate the middle elements. It’s a Python issue, not anything to do with the editor they are using.

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