OSX Yosemite Unity UI


A theme for native experience on OSX 10.10 Yosemite.
Based on the unity ui theme.

Current adaptions:

  • tabs
  • fonts
  • treeview sidebar colors

not sure about screenshot (apples dev preview terms about screenshots)


Update 3.6.0

  • lots of color improvements and restyled popovers by @garand
  • includes the beautiful flat yosemite styled icon replacement by @rmccawl


Atom Flat Icon (replacement icon)

Any chance to make the tree view translucent like Finder in 10.10?
Would be cool to have a slightly colored file entry when using git (like at the original Dark theme)


This can only be handled by atom-shell.
The theme has no access to the native app window.

I created a issue to track this request https://github.com/k9ordon/yosemite-unity-ui/issues/6


Great looking theme! Any reason the the “File Icon” package does not work? Dont see any icons next the file in the tree view.


by default this theme doesnt use icons on the tree view.

force icon visiblity: https://github.com/k9ordon/yosemite-unity-ui/issues/2#issuecomment-46526970


Any chance of a dark theme?