OSX 10.9 Shutdown Bug


I have been using Atom since about version .95 and since installing it I have been unable to shutdown with Atom open.

Steps to reproduce
=> Start Atom
=> Close all open Atom windows/files
=> Do NOT QUIT ATOM, atom should still be running, but with no active windows/files (Avoid commas-q or force quit)
=> Shut down the Mac

At this point, I see the following

Closing atom or hitting “try again” will cause OSX to finish shutdown, so it’s a fairly minor issue, but one I couldn’t find a resolution for after a few searches.

I have tried deleting the app and clearing ~/.atom and re-downloading, but the issue persists. Any insight?


There’s an open Issue on this one:


You are correct! Apparently I overlooked that open issue, my bad xP

Thanks very much for the direct link!


You’re welcome! I was pretty sure it had already been reported, so I figured I could find it again :grinning: