'osascript' could not be spawned


I want to start use IDE Atom at home, and I faced with problem:

‘osascript’ could not be spawned. Is it installed and on your path? If so please open an issue on the package spawning the process.

Couldn’t find right answer. Does someone can help me with it?


It looks like you’re trying to use the atom-spotify package? If so, it looks like the package is no longer maintained:

It also looks like it only supported macOS anyways /cc https://github.com/jakemarsh/atom-spotify/issues/18.

There’s an active fork https://github.com/albertorestifo/atom-spotify2 but it looks like it’s macOS only as well /cc https://github.com/albertorestifo/atom-spotify2/issues/10.


@rsese Hi Robert! I’m just installed and run Atom on Windows 10. Do I need remove atom-spotify from dependencies?


Are you trying to uninstall atom-spotify? If so, you can do it from the command line:

apm uninstall atomify


Thanks a lot…,:relaxed:


For the record: osascript is only available on macOS, it’s required to execute AppleScript