OS X Versions


I started using Atom a few days ago from Textastic Trial and I find Atom awesome. The only feature I miss from Textastic is Versions in OS X. I find that so useful when I change something and suddenly want to go back. I don’t know if this function could just be added as a package or it would need some deep integration with the framework and operating system.



Do you mean like the versions feature in OS X? Or is there some special feature in Textastic that you’re talking about?


It’s a functions that is system-wide as of OS X Lion. Textastic supports it, so it’s not a special feature. What it gives is an interface like Time Machine where you can compare the actual file with different older versions of it.


I know of the feature, though I’ve never used it other than a few quick experiments when OS X Lion came out. I generally use Git for versioning (at least the stuff that I would be editing with Atom).

I suspect a package could be built that would support the feature. I think it would be pretty niche though.


I thought of using Git but I was realized I didn’t want to worry about making commits. I know Apple has an API for this fonction but I don’t know if a package could but made because the API is for Swift/Objective C and I swear package are made of Javascript. Is there a way to inject Objective C in packages?


You can build native libraries that are accessible with JavaScript. That’s how Electron (the basis of Atom) works.


Check out my package live-archive.


That’s pretty nice, I’ll use that. And what’s nicer that the default feature in OS X is that you can sync yours with iCloud or Dropbox(because of the .live-archive folder)