OS X error : no video encoder found for 'avc1'


When just double clicking randomly, problems occur:

  • Text get thicker and darker
  • Double text selection

Even weirder: I tried to do a screenshot (OSX yosemite 10.10.3) and when selecting the area of the screenshot, one of the text selection started to disappear!

It looks like the Electron toy app is correctly updated but not its rendering on the screen that should have been done by the OS.

Here is a screenshot with the strange thickening of the text that still appears:

Anyone has any idea upon what is happening?


For comparison here is how the text should appear w/o me clicking everywhere before:


When starting the application, here is what the stdout says:

electron .

<<<< VTVideoEncoderSelection >>>> VTSelectAndCreateVideoEncoderInstanceInternal: no video encoder found for ‘avc1’

[10:50:57.679] VTSelectAndCreateVideoEncoderInstanceInternal signalled err=-12908 (err) (Video encoder not available) at /SourceCache/CoreMedia_frameworks/CoreMedia-1562.235/Sources/VideoToolbox/VTVideoEncoderSelection.c line 1245
[10:50:57.680] VTCompressionSessionCreate signalled err=-12908 (err) (Could not select and open encoder instance) at /SourceCache/CoreMedia_frameworks/CoreMedia-1562.235/Sources/VideoToolbox/VTCompressionSession.c line 946

When I start clicking, here is what I got:

2016-11-22 10:51:10.509 Electron Helper[9844:324181] Couldn’t set selectedTextBackgroundColor from default ()