OS not supported: Windows 7


Hi there, I’m using electron to package my ionic app into Desktop ports. It works great.
I have Windows, Linux and Mac ports.

One of my users reports that when he downloaded the ZIP, extracted and gave the exe a go, it said OS not supported. He is on Windows 7. I am using Windows 7 as well and it works just fine.

Can anyone suggest how I may ask him to debug or if you can tell me if there is anything wrong with my package?

The Desktop ports are available at https://github.com/pliablepixels/zmNinja#desktop-platforms

I’d really appreciate if someone can download the windows port and see if there is something wrong - and if I should change something.


Can they give you a screenshot of what it looks like when it says OS not supported? I suspect they’re using Windows XP, not Windows 7.


Thanks @leedohm - I asked him to post a screen shot here. Also, he is running on 32 bit - I don’t know if there is any issue between 64 and 32 bit


Ah I think my packaging uses win64 - I’ll download the 32bit package and see if that works for him


Hello ! Here I am. I can upload a screen shot. But will wait before upload to first test the repackaged program to see if it is a 32-64bit problem.


@leedohm as it turns out it was indeed a 32bit vs 64bit problem.

I’ve looked at the archives/past threads of electron - seems that only 64 bit releases are current provided for linux. Is that correct?


For record-keeping sake, I report that the download, extraction of the 32bit version was successful and zmNinja is working on both Windows 10 and 7.