OrgMode-like tools


Are there any packages as powerful as org-mode for emacs out there? Some of the features found in it are:

  • Pure text
  • Literate Programming
  • Foldable headings
  • Clock (control time spent in each task)
  • Task state (TODO, DONE, etc)
  • Exporting to publishing format

Also, in a side question, how hard would it be to create a linear scrollable view with multiple different packages controlling each part of the view? E.g.: having a pdf rendered by one package and just after it source code and then a image where you can smoothly scroll between them as if they were a single file.


I’ve never used OrgMode, so I can’t say for sure … but other than the clock, Atom has all of that (though the Literate Programming may be debatable).

That’s essentially what you have with Atom’s UI already right?

This is what HTML5 is good at. So I would think it wouldn’t be that hard at all.


Up …

I looks like “Block Decorations” could be a great enhancement to org-mode like features.
To me Atom has all the technology to be an org-mode killer and it would be awesome if some development could be made in this direction.
What do the atom plugins developers (I’m not) think about that ?

Have a nice day.