Order of Suggestions in html


I am new to this and very frustrated in how to fix it. For the first weeks when working in html when i would type the letter ‘c’ I would press enter and class="" would appear. Now all of a sudden, c is not the first choice(does not even appear in the list of suggestions…) I have to type cla to get the same thing: class="" to appear. This has happened with a lot of other suggestions, but I figure if I can learn to correct this, I coud fix all the other ones… Also the list of suggestions looks different now than it has in the past.
Can someone direct me what to read or a video, or how to edit something to correct this? In other words, is there a way to edit and/or reorganize the list of suggestions that pop-up? I really like ATOM and don’t want to go back to BBedit, CODA, Eclipse, Sublime…etc…

Thank you for any help on this matter.


What worked for me was to disable the autocomplete-snippets package. Then class is right on top.



Thank you very much for your reply. Disabling the autocomplete-snippets package worked for me too! Everything is working as it was before. I wonder if I inadvertantly added that package… Anyways, thanks again. Also, I was wondering, or if you found how to (if it is possible) to actually edit the list of suggestions that “pop-up” while entering code? … I am sure it is possible (a someone has created it in developing the package… Have you tried doing it?
I really Love this program! And still have a lot to learn about all the functions and capabilities it has…
Much appreciate your help!


The package that generates the dropdown is called autocomplete-plus and it’s set up so that anybody can write a package that uses its API to insert lists of suggestions based on the grammar. You can search the packages for autocomplete providers that other members of the community have made.

Unlikely. autocomplete-snippets is a core package, so it’s most likely that the issue appeared following an update of Atom where a lot of snippets were added.