Order of packages in 'Recently Updated' section correct?


I recently released a new version of one of my packages, but when I went to browse the ‘Recently Updated’ section I found it all the way on the third page.

I investigated a bit and saw that there were packages on the first page whose latest version was released last month. There was even one that was last updated November last year.

Am I looking at the wrong criteria? Is the release date of the latest version suppose to be used to sort the ‘Recently Updated’ section or the date of the last commit made to the repo?

Sorry if I’m missing something, but I’d appreciate it if someone can help me understand how it works.


It looks like the packages are listed in descending order on their updated_at field, which is updated whenever any information in the main package record is changed. This includes the field that contains the number of downloads. I’ve filed an Issue to get it sorted based on the release date of the latest published version.


Thank you for looking into this and logging an issue. If it’s available to the public, will you please post a link to the issue? I’d like to keep an eye on it. Otherwise, if it gets done and by that time you still remember this thread :slight_smile: , please just post a quick update then if you don’t mind.


It’s filed on an internal repo. I’ll keep track of it and do my best to update here.


Thank you!


I just released another update for one of my packages. When I go to https://atom.io/packages it still doesn’t appear under ‘Recently Updated’, but when I click on ‘See all’ it does appear at the top. So it seems like the issue has at least been partially solved?


We lost our web guy and unfortunately fixing this bug is a bit beyond my capabilities right now :frowning: I’ll do my best to keep this up-to-date as things change.


Hi @leedohm. It looks like the issue has been resolved. My latest update appeared both in the ‘Recently Updated’ section and the full list when sorting it.


I take that back…

I checked again today. When I show the list of packages and sort by recently updated the package I updated yesterday is nowhere to be found, but the package 2nd from the top’s last version was released in May.

False alarm :pensive:


It’s been 10 months since this was reported and I see that the sort order is still wrong :disappointed:

Most packages never get into the top 6 in the Featured and Trending sections, which means that the rest only ever really get exposure when an update is released, or at least is supposed to. Even then, after 6 other packages gets updated, your package won’t be on the front page anymore.

I know you said that you lost your web guy, but that was last year July already. Since then Atom itself has seen significant updates. I’m sure there are many other priorities, but surely correcting the sort order of a list shouldn’t take that long?