Order of items in autocomplete


I’m working with Typescript files, and I found this great snippets library:

The problem is, that the items of this library always appear last in autocomplete, after the items of atom-typescript. That is too bad, because I find the snippets of turbo-javascript much more useful and I would like them to appear first. Is it possible?



No, not through any user setting. However, you can edit a value directly as a temporary patch.

In your .atom folder, go to packages/atom-typescript/lib/main/atom/autoCompleteProviders.ts

In this file, you want to change line 30 from inclusionPriority = 3 to inclusionPriority = 1. This should even out the order of what you get. Using 0 should force them to the bottom.

I also suggest raising an issue on the repo itself, asking them to make the inclusion priority value configurable.


Tried setting to 1 and then to 0, with atom restarts - didn’t work.