Order of files in Find in Project


Hey there. Just started using Atom yesterday and I’m optimistic!

One thing that is immediately disconcerting, however, is that when doing a project-wide search, the order of files found appears to be in no specific order.

In Sublime 3, the order of the found files is in order of their pathnames, so that matches in lib/ with always be above matches in spec/ (for instance), and I’ve found that very useful.

Would love to see this as a configurable option! :slight_smile:


Can you file a bug on the find-and-replace package? If you can give specific information like whether the incorrect order is deterministic or not, that would also be a help too. Thanks! :grinning:


Actually, when I went to find-and-replace, this issue already existed. :smile:

Thanks, I’ll go the package directly in the future.