Option to ignore comments/files in auto complete feature



I would like to propose a additional option/feature for Atom to ignore comments/files from becoming available for auto completion by user choice, perhaps also by file type or simply to ignore/add certain files for and from being used by the auto completion “collection”.

Right now it seems so Atom is grabbing the comments into the dictionary for the auto completion too, which doesn’t make sense to me personally so. I would better prefer to be able to let comments left alone, while focusing on the actual code for completion.

Is there any way to archive this? I also searched the packages if there is some solution available, but it seems not to be the case.

Also I would like to propose the option to add/ignore certain files. For example, if one works with a larger text file which is opened, Atom automatically gathers data for completion from this file. Can this be restricted? Like said with a option to “scan into auto complete” “remove from auto complete” dictionary or based on a project file include/exclude list. Something along that lines.
Or to restrict a dictionary to the actual file only too.

Another idea I could think of, to store this information per file or per filetype. And to have a unique auto complete if a textfile is selected, versus a code file. If thats possible.