Option to enable/disable the menu of atom-terminal-panel


I am using this cool package atom-terminal-panel by isis97 and I want to configure some of its UI elements for my own comfort.

From the screenshot below:

As you can see, the terminal-panel is seen below with a “menu” on its top.

I want to at least hide the menu (all available commands | info | clear | x close | open config | reload config) and the maximize, minimize, and close buttons. I just want a simple UI for atom-terminal-panel, that is all.

Moreover, regarding the status bar text on the terminal status bar (the time “02:48:15 pm”), how come it doesn’t align to the rightmost part? I noticed it when I try to customize the text that will be displayed there, and it seems to have a padding/margin? Is there some workaround so the time would align to the rightmost part?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Maybe you can try this package: https://atom.io/packages/termrk


That package is quite buggy in my set-up.