Option to disable editor's instant search within current file


When the file is large or my search generic, the instant search can lock up Atom and freeze it until the window appears to Wait or Close Atom.

I would prefer to have search wait until I hit enter. This would be a lovely user option.

For instance, searching for a comma in a file that has 13,000 commas… with regex on. I have a 3rd gen i5 and very few 3rd party packages (highlight-selected - which I’ve disabled as a test; plus color-picker, autocomplete-php and language-asp).

I’ve seen the slow down appear in a variety of document types. The 13k comma was in a new, unsaved plain text file.


There was just a change that was introduced that the instant search shouldn’t activate I believe until there are at least three characters to match on. It may even be configurable. You may want to search the recent activity in the find-and-replace package to get more context. It’s possible that the correct balance still hasn’t been struck.


Ah hah, thank you! Seems this is a fairly old and talked about issue. There are improvements coming. Glad to hear it. Source: