Option-click to expand/collapse recursively in tree view


Would really like option-click on a disclosure arrow in the tree view to recursively expand/collapse subtrees. That is, when you option-click a folder open, it should recursively open all subfolders down to the leaves. When you option-click it closed, it should recursively close them all.

Other directory-tree UIs do this, including Sublime Text, TextMate, and the Mac OS finder, and I find it quite useful. Thanks!

Code Folding (recursive)

I didn’t know about this feature in other tree views. I like it!


This works on atom too! Thanks for the tip!


This feature exists in atom. It did not work in Ubuntu 14.04 because Alt+LMB is taken by default. Follow these steps to get it working again [AskUbuntu].

I quote:

It’s a Compiz plugin.

Install Compiz Config Settings Manager (sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager in a terminal) and open it.

Once opened, search for a “Move Window” plugin. Select it, and disable or change the first option, that says something like “Initiate window movement” (I have Spanish locale).

For Unity 2d:


Alt-click to recursively expand/collapse is currently working for me on Atom 1.9.x (not sure when exactly they added it).