Opening same directory in Multiple Windows?


I have been watching Atom for a while, and it is getting to the point that I can almost move from Sublime to Atom - but for one feature that I can’t seem to figure out: Opening Multiple Windows on the Same Directory.

In a given project, rather than have a split pane to show two files in one project, I like to have two windows - one for each file - in the same project. Every time I create a New Window and then try to Open… the same directory that is already open, Atom shifts focus to that previously opened window and doesn’t allow me the ability to have two open windows on the same directory.

My workflow is often that I need three, four, five windows open in the same project (directory) for speed of moving around.

Is there any setting on Atom, or any way to enable this behavior in 0.194.0?

How can I open multiple instances of the same project?

The command line has a -n, --new-window option that works as you’d like; e.g. atom -n ~/file. From the UI you can open a new window and “Add Project Folder” to the new window to get the same directory in multiple windows.


Hey! That works just great! Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.