Opening remote directory from commandline just opens a file


If I open atom pointing to a remote diretory like this (from linux)

atom sftp://sbc/home/sysadmin/uci/

It opens creates and opens a file uci in sysadmin on the remote machine instead opening the uci/ directory on that machine in the tree.

Opening directories from the commandline on the same machine as expected with following / but not on a remote (sftp)

Is this a bug or not possible??

I can manually open sftp://sbc/home/sysadmin/uci/ in my filemanger nemo and then ask it to open atom in the current directory and that works as expected but was wanting to do this faster from the commandline.


With a closer look

seems atom hates the // prefix of the hostname as the bogus file it creates has this path (from bottom of UI) which is missing the extra /


So any way to get this to recoginze the hostname as a host not a directory?