Opening multiple git projects


Putting this under uncategorized for now… wasn’t too sure since I don’t think it is a bug, but a would be very nice to have.

I noticed that when I import a directory filled with more than one .git project. None of them get the highlighted names for modified and untracked files. :frowning:

No Git color info in file tree/gutter

If I understand what you’re saying, you have something like this:

  • basedir (not a directory with a .git)
    • project-one (directory with a .git)
    • project-two (directory with a .git)
    • project-three (directory with a .git)

Is that correct? And basedir is the directory you open in Atom?


I am not the original poster but what you described is something I have noticed as well. My ~/github directory contains multiple repo directories but they are not shown as git repos.


To my knowledge, the way Atom works is either the root directory is a git repo or it assumes that you’re just working with a plain directory tree. If the root directory is a git repo, then it also supports sub-repos … but if you open basedir as in my example above, Atom doesn’t track git status because there isn’t a single canonical git repo to track.

@kevinsawicki, @nathansobo … am I understanding this correctly?


Yes, the file structure you mentioned is correct! Sorry for the late reply.


Is this something that’s going to be addressed? I too have several projects in my tree and none of the Git features are working in that setup. My only other choice right now is to have several Atom windows opened, which is a bit annoying…

It would be nice to be able to organize projects as a set of physical folders kind of like Sublime does.


There is an Issue tracking this here: