Opening meteor app through atom


how do i open a meteor app through atom?


Can you be a little more specific as to what you’re trying to do? Are you trying to view the source code? Or are you trying to view the app itself?


I am just trying to get meteor to work, but getting the error so, I was told I could fix the problem in atom by adjusting the files.


this is the error I’m getting when i try to open meteor:

Problem! This project does not have a .meteor/release file. The file should
either contain the release of Meteor that you want to use, or the word 'none’
if you will only use the project with unreleased checkouts of Meteor. Please
edit the .meteor/release file in the project and change it to a valid Meteor
release or ‘none’


Sorry, I’m not familiar enough with Meteor to know exactly how to fix whatever problem you’re having with it. You may want to ask on the Meteor forums?