Opening file from desktop makes atom forget last session/project


Hello guys!

I am an Atom newbie, using it for just over one day now.

I love how Atom remembers projects and panes if I close it and re-open it later.

But if atom is closed and I for example doubleclick on a file in windows explorer, it creates a blank window, forgetting my “old” session.


Is there a way or package to get around this? I myself want to decide when to close/forget projects.

Thanks in advance guys!


Atom actually never “forgets” projects unless you specifically (and manually) wipe out its state storage. But Atom will only reopen the last project that was opened when clicking the icon. If you want to go back to an old project though, you can always go to the command line and open Atom by referring to that project by the root directory (or directories). So if you have a project at ~/Source/foo then you can go to the command line and open it with atom ~/Source/foo. Atom will launch with that project just the way you left it :grinning:


Thank you a lot for your response!

I am now using project-manager to save my projects just in case anything unforseen happens, hehe.

But maybe to illustrate my problem better, here, check out this video: