Opening and show files, not project folders


hi, i’m a very new user and i’m trying to stop the opening of project folders in the side tab, and just to show the text files i have open to edit, from multiple folders, is this possible?


i’m running the latest os for mac


Hey, you can remove the project folder from the sidebar by right clicking on the folder



thanks for your reply,
yup, but when i open another file another project folder opens, so if i have 12 files to open each in a folder of its own (as they have the same file names, then i have to do this action repeatedly?
is there no way of turning this feature off?


You can try atom-commander

With it you can browse the file system and open files from anywhere without their folders being added as projects. You can then just hide the project view and navigate the file system from atom-commander instead.


awesome, thank you lots