Opening a single file opens the parent folder instead


Hi there,

I’ve noticed that when using the file open command to open up a single file, Atom will load and parse the folder the file is in. So, if I want to open “index.html” in a directory, rather than opening just the index file, Atom will load the file and get me all the files/folders in the directory into the sidebar view.

As a user, I would probably expect just to see the file I want in the editor rather than seeing the whole directory structure (for that I would click open on the folder rather than the individual file).

Also, there’s bit of a wait involved as Atom parses the folder and creates the tree display. When working in a folder with a lot of files, this could take a while.

What does everyone think?



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I think this is a feature not a bug


I agree with @FunnyDewd. Even if this isn’t exactly a bug, it’s very annoying that I have to wait for a whole directory structure to load when I just want to open a single file.


I create a pull request to resolve this. :wink:


Did this ever get sorted, I can see it’s over a year old and hasn’t been implemented.

It’s such an awful feature that we should at least be able to switch off, it’s probably the only thing stopping me from switching to Atom now. The way I work I am constantly editing files from various projects/clients and it’s really slowing me down.


well… old topic… daily topic
i’ll stick with Sublime for single files editing until this gets fixed or optional!