Opening A Project/File Won't Work Until You Open New Window


This issue has been closed now,
When I install and open the Atom, it is like this…

On this window, I can’t do anything like create new file, import folder, open settings, and etc.

There is one more behaviour that I want to mention, if I open new window the folder which I want to import can be done by creating new file and saving this file in the folder. After saving the file, the folder shows up on Atom.

The issue I mentioned above almost matches exactly what I’ve been trying to fix.
I am using Atom v1.21.1 On Windows 10 64 bit.

Some information about debugging,
Yes I’ve used Atom on versions before v1. I never had this problem. Sometime before I uninstalled it and then reinstalled now and now I’m struggling with this issue.

Yes I’ve Downloaded the setup from Atom website. And I have downloaded 64 bit version.

I haven’t tried to start Atom in safe mode yet.

And I haven’t installed any additional packages after installation.


Please go ahead and run Atom in safe mode.

For your case it would be worth taking clearing the Windows state:

If all else fails, clear to factory defaults: