Opening a bunch of tabs causes atom to use 100% CPU and not respond


Starting atom, and then opening 8 or 9 tabs one after another causes it to become unresponsive and use 100% CPU.


I used to have a similar issue but haven’t noticed it happening at all lately. Could be related to this maybe? Atom will freeze and not respond


I have the same issue with atom 0.79.0 on Mavericks 10.9.2. After creating about 10 tabs within 1-2 seconds atom hangs.

Here is the sample snapshot:


There are a few high CPU usage threads. Like this one:

There are indications that upgrading to 0.81 fixes at least some of these. Try that first.


I’ve read that post. This is not the same issue. To reproduce the bug open a new window in Atom and press Cmd+N about 10 times, after that the window becomes unresponsive. (Tested on 0.81.0)