Opened folder are gone


Hi there,

I am running atom with some packages and on ubuntu 16.10.
I adde some existing project folders and imported some arduino based sketches via as well.
Now i experienced a crash.
After restarting atom my folders are all gone. So i added them again.
This happened several times and now i am wondering whether there is no caching that keeps the last state. It is quite distrurbing reconfiguring the work.
Any help is appreciated.



Atom should remember which folders you had open last time. For clarity, please confirm for us that this happens 100% of the time:

  1. You open Atom to a specific folder.
  2. You close Atom.
  3. You open Atom with the desktop shortcut or the atom command (no target).
  4. Atom opens up without a project folder.

Second question: you say that you experienced a crash. Did Atom remember your folders before the crash?


I open atom in ubuntu terminal by typing sudo atom.
Before the crashes the folders always opened up again.
After a crash, sudo atom opens without the folders.


What happens if you don’t use sudo?