"open with" context menu in lubuntu results in a "blank" file?


Trying to prepare for an upcoming class for Javascript. I’ve become interested in trying to use Atom. I installed it on my Lubuntu VM and I’m having an odd issue. When I right click on one of the .htm files that have been provided for my course, I do have the option to “open with” the Atom editor. The problem is that what I end up with is a blank page, instead of the file contents that I’m expecting to see. Once Atom is open, if I go to the file menu and open the same file I thought I opened with the contextual menu, I see the expected file.

I’m sure that someone else has already found the answer to this problem, but I’m coming up zeros when trying to search for a solution to my only mildly annoying issue.

Anyone here know the easy way to get my expected result? I want to right click on a .htm file and select open with Atom, and see my file pop up in the editor.

Thanks in advance!



Solved my problem by adding a custom association with a command line of: atom %f

Still annoyed, but probably due to something I’m not doing correctly :smile: