"Open with Atom" not showing up in context menu


For some reason, the “Open with Atom” option doesn’t appear anymore when I right click a file in Windows 10. Maybe CCleaner messed something up? I’m not sure. The problem is, I can’t seem to get it back. I tried uninstalling Atom and reinstalling, and that didn’t work. I also tried running this registry edit script before reinstalling, and that didn’t work either: https://github.com/Zren/atom-windows-context-menu/blob/master/assets/uninstall.reg. I really liked that feature, so does anyone know how to get it back?


In Atom, open Settings and click on System. You’ll see checkboxes to enable it. This was a change in 1.10.1, and it messed things up for some people.


Okay, thanks! Didn’t realize it was in the settings.


It wasn’t until just recently.


thanks man this worked perfectly.


Thanks @DamnedScholar so much




I don’t seem to have ‘system settings’ in my version of Atom (Mac 1.23.3). Have these options moved somewhere else?



@samFredLumley I don’t believe Atom for macOS supports context menu integration. The System menu is currently Windows-only because it doesn’t do anything on other platforms.


Cheers for the reply. Will try to find a solution for Mac


One possibility is at the end of this article.


On mac, I set up a service using Automator.

On opening Automator, create a new document. A popup will appear, with Workflow, Application, Service, etc. as the templates. Pick Service.

In the Service receive selected entry, select files or folders
In the in entry, select Finder.app

Now, on the left hand side type open finder items in the search box. Drag the entry to the right hand side workflow.

In the Open with entry, choose Atom.app.

Now save the new service, and it will be in effect the next time you right click a file or folder in Finder. Simply expand the Services group at the bottom, and select the workflow you made (it will appear as the name you saved it with).

Any services you create are stored in the home directory ~/Library/Services by default. To make it a system wide (all users) service, save it in /System/Library/Services.

Finally, there is a gist that gives a similar method, but uses shell scripting directly in the service. It also gives tips on keyboard shortcuts and decluttering the services menu.


Thanks very much. I’d seen some other suggestions to use automator, but none as clear as this. Did the trick nicely.