"Open With Atom" disappeared for opening folders (on Linux Mint in Caja)


I’ve been trying to figure this out and fix it for the longest time now… When trying to open a folder in Atom, I can’t seem too do it, no matter what I change…

Keep in mind, this is on Linux Mint, using the Caja file system…

To help explain more, when you right click a file, at the top you see “Open With Atom”, as you see in this picture below:

… But when I try to do it on the folder:

And as you can see, there is no “Open With Atom” at the top of this, which is what I would like…

Sure, I could go into the “Open With” > “Other Application” > “Atom”… But this takes too long… And even when I tick the “use this application as default”, Atom still wont appear at the top of the right click menu, nor in the “Open With” menu… So every time I want to open a folder, I have to do
“Open With” > “Other Application” > “Atom”…

I’ve changed the file located at /usr/share/applications/atom.desktop to include this:


But still, it wont show up…

How would I fix a problem like this?

No "Open With Atom" context menu entry with Nautilus

I’m confused. You say the item “disappeared”? I’m not sure it ever existed for folders?


It used to exist for me… Perhaps you are using a different file browser than Caja that didn’t support it.


Sounds like a bug then. You may want to file a bug on https://github.com/atom/atom/issues. If you do, please post a link to the bug in this topic :grinning:


On Ubuntu I don’t have Open With Atom context items for files or folders. I’m not sure that is already meant to be supported for Linux?


That depends on file manager you’re using. Depends if it handles that or not. That being said, as far as I’m aware, Ubuntu uses a different file manager from Linux Mint, Linux Mint by default uses Caja.


Yea it’s Nautilus, I believe.
I’m not sure, but I vaguely remember that it may need a separate package to enable context menu entries like that, so you could be right.


Actually, my bad… At the time of writing that I guess I was really tired or something. Your file manager depends on your DE, not your OS. So, I’m using Linux Mint /w MATE, and by default, MATE uses Caja. Whereas Ubuntu uses the Unity DE, and Unity probably uses a different file manager.