Open source software communities?


Hi all I’m working on a research project with my professor and one of the tasks I’ve been assigned to do is to look into some existing open-source software communities, and/or the systems that support them. I’m not sure where to look, I’ve already tried google (step 1), so step 2 is reddit. Reddit has pointed me here. We’re looking for something similar to PyPI AtmosphereJS or but more along the lines of projects rather than libraries. We’re going to be using github as a middle man, because we aren’t dealing with code directly.


Atom is definitely along the lines of what you’re interested in. It extends beyond just what’s on this site. In addition to the central editor project and the package ecosystem, a few development teams and academics have decided to make Atom their editor of choice and build managed sets of packages in order to have a completely customized environment that’s standard across the team. Nuclide is one such example produced for Facebook devs.


Yeah, maybe you can research how Atom began as a closed source Mac app and how community support led to it being open sourced :smiley: