Open same file in multiple panes



This used to work in Atom, but doesn’t seem to anymore.

If I have two panes open, and I want to use Command-B to have the second pain open the same file as is viewing in the first pane (so I can see the file side-by-side) it refuses and just blanks the pane.

I’m aware of Command-K right which will generate a new pane for a side-by-side view, but I want to reuse and existing pane.

Is there a way to achieve this?


You can check the commands associated with keybindings under Settings -> Keybindings. For the purpose of talking with people here, I believe it’s preferable to use command names generally, because the keybindings change between platforms. I have no idea what cmd-b is and would have to go to Atom’s code to find out. So I did, and there isn’t any such keybinding in the default set. This suggests that the feature you’re thinking of was associated with a package. Since cmd-b still does something, that package is probably still installed and you should check it out to see what happened.

Yes. You can find the package you were thinking of or you can write a command yourself to accomplish your goal.