"Open Recent" menu item


It would be nice to have the “Open Recent” menu item that many other OS X apps (including Sublime) have. By default it seems to list 10 files and 10 directories, but even 5 of each would be nice.


There is a package for that https://atom.io/packages/recent-files


Is there a way for Atom to keep the last session when I open it again? At the moment, if I’m working on a project and I close Atom, I have to re-open the project. Isn’t there a way to make Atom pick up from where I were before closing it?


+1 Same review here :slight_smile:


Oh good ! Thank you :slight_smile:


There’s also the https://atom.io/packages/recent-projects package.


open-recent is the packages you are looking for. recent-files seems doesn’t exist any more.