Open path in current (unused) window still not working [KDE]


Since I’m still facing this issue:

  • Open atom
  • File - Open folder
  • select folder
  • 2nd instance of atom is opened

under KDE, Fedora, Linux (latest git), I would like to debug the problem to see whats causing this (its working on OSX and other people have it running on other distros).

So I’ve tried to add some console.logs in “”

openPath: ({pathToOpen, pidToKillWhenClosed, newWindow, devMode, safeMode, apiPreviewMode, window}) -> console.log("OPEN PATH");


openPaths: ({pathsToOpen, pidToKillWhenClosed, newWindow, devMode, safeMode, apiPreviewMode, windowDimensions, window}={}) -> pathsToOpen = (fs.normalize(pathToOpen) for pathToOpen in pathsToOpen) locationsToOpen = (@locationForPathToOpen(pathToOpen) for pathToOpen in pathsToOpen) console.log(pathToOpen + " dm: " + devMode + " sm: " + safeMode + " nw: " + newWindow+ " pid: "+pidToKillWhenClosed);

but the messages never appear. Is this the wrong place?
Chanigng the “Window load time:” text is working, so my changes are compiled and running.


Could you give the following information?

  • Which version of Atom are you using?
  • Can you reproduce the issue after completely exiting Atom and restarting using atom --safe?


Sure, sorry. Its:

atom 0.195.0-6e074b3

and yes, it also happens in safe-mode. Also I removed all atom stuff and the .atom and did a fresh install. But still the same.

old gif from the issue above, but it’s the same with the new version: gif


If I open a new window in Atom (ctrl+shift+n) and then open a folder it will use this window! So it seems that a starting window will be marked as used