Open on GitHub: Branch Compare fails if you have insteadof aliases


I use the insteadOf git config option to alias a few remote destinations.

For example;

[url ""]
    insteadOf = ghc:

which lets you run things like git clone ghc:language-spec, which uses the full url instead of your alias.

If you have that set, and then use the “Open on GitHub: Branch Compare” Atom command, it tries to use the alias instead of the full url, resulting in an attempt to open ghc:language-spec/compare/branchName

Maybe the Branch Compare command (and any similar) should not use these aliases?


From the code here:

it looks like it is grabbing the configured remote. When you do this insteadOf stuff, do you set your remote URL to the shortened version?


The remote URL is the full one, but using git over SSH.
I think the problem may be that when I cloned the repo, git internally stores the result of insteadof, so in the .git/config within the repo the actual URL stored is ghc:repo

After cloning, if I change that to the full URL, then the atom command works.
So Atom is using the values in the repos .git/config, but it should also respect the use of insteadof, and do the reverse mapping when it uses such config.