Open new workspace in directory while keeping current workspace open


Oftentimes when I’m coding, I come across something that needs fixing before I can move on when working on another problem. If it’s a quick fix, I’ll just open up a couple new tabs, fix it and move on. If it’s something that requires a more in depth fix, it can get confusing quickly which tabs I have open for the current problem I’m working on, and this new fix I need to do.

If I try to open up a new window and open the repo directory in the new window, Atom just reverts back to the currently open workspace. Is there a good way to open two windows for the same directory to help me separate files/tabs open for problem A vs files/tabs open for problem B?


What operating system are you running?


If you right click on a file or folder in the tree-view there should be an option to Open in New Window.


I’m running on mac osx Sierra