Open Multiple Projects in One Window


I would really like to see the ability to open more than one project in one window. If they could just be displayed on the left side in the tree view I think that would be awesome.

Right now I use Transmit as my FTP client, and its an awesome FTP client, but it opens every file to its own folder (which is kind of dumb really, but whatever - I’m sure there is a reason). When I would open them up in Sublime Text they would all open up in one window. This is a setting you can set in Sublime Text. So far I haven’t found the same functionality in Atom, so every time I open a file from Transmit, even if they are from the same domain, they open in a new window which is annoying for navigating through all the files. I’m sure I could use another FTP client but I have a lot saved in Transmit and I think its odd that there is no option to open in a new tab rather than window.

If there is a way to do that please let me know though, but I’ve look through the settings a few time and didn’t see anything.


This is already being discussed over here: How to work with projects

Feel free to “like” the post and add your thoughts so it gets more attention. :smile:


Thanks! I searched for Window, Tabs and couldn’t find anything, never thought to search for projects. I will head over to the other discussion :smile:

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