Open multiple files from same folder results in mess of different windows


Hey guys, i’m new with Atom, and i love it already. I have been able to resolve most issues. But one thing shocked me quite a bit:

I tried to open a couple of different HTML files and some CSS files at once in Win10 (from the explorer, multiple selection and “open with Atom”).

The result was a mess of differently sized windows with partly redundant tabs. I’m sure it’s not supposed to do that. I expected the files to be opened in different tabs in the same window.

BTW, Atom was not open before i tried that.

Any ideas? Should i switch to a (maybe less buggy) Sublime Text?


We confirmed the behavior is as you described. It appears this is a race condition between Windows launching a copy of Atom for each file and our code that coalesces all of those into one session of Atom. Would you mind filing an issue at and posting a link to the issue you open here?


Done, and thanks for taking the time to reproduce the issue.

Link to the opened bugreport: