Open/minimize key for Atom?


On Windows, Atom is the 2nd icon on the task bar, so i can access it, using “win+2” from anywhere. This key will open/minimize the editor, regardless of how deeply into the “alt+tab” cycle it might be.

On Mac - is there a way to do this?


With a quick search, I was able to find this tutorial that gets you most of the way there:


@leedohm That’s it!

To work i had to 'cmd-2': 'unset!' 'cmd-3': 'unset!' in Atom.
Then bind them as shown in the tutorial to Atom and Chrome.

That way i can bring them up without interfering with Atom’s default pane:show-item-2 and pane:show-item-3.

The Chrome browser has the same show:pane-item-2 function built in, so if have a tab active, and write in the URL field and press cmd-2 it will show:pane-item-2 but if i press it twice, it will make Atom active again…

Using option does not work, as it would be better because it has the same keyboard position as the win key on windows, but cmd works.