"Open in dev mode" opens in same window on OS X


I’m not sure what I did to break it, but “Open in dev mode” is now opening files in the same window. Additionally, if I start Atom in dev mode manually from the CLI (the only way I’ve found that actually works), I can’t open things in normal mode. I’ve tried removing ~/.atom, everything under ~/Library matching Atom, and even redownloading the editor, and this is still happening. I’m not sure where else to look to fix this. Any help?


When I do the following:

  1. Go to View > Developer > Open in Dev Mode
  2. Select a folder
  3. Click Open

a new window opens with the contents of that project. The Dev Mode signifier is in its familiar place in the status bar. What exactly are you doing and what do you expect to happen?

I’m running Atom v0.166.0-5276cb7 on Mac OS X 10.10.1 also.


Okay, so:

  1. open Atom
  2. Click View -> Developer -> Open in Dev Mode
  3. Select a folder
  4. Click Open

What happens is, in this case since I just removed all the Atom files and re-extracted the app again, is that I see the welcome.md and an untitled tab with the fileviewer showing the contents of the directory, but no dev mode signifier.

Running Atom 0.165.0 (0.165.0) on OS X 10.10.1.


I think I found the issue. I was selecting the folder so that it’s highlighted in the open dialog, and then clicking open. If I enter the folder in the dialog, so that I see its contents, and then click Open, Atom does indeed open things in Developer Mode. This is a very subtle difference and not what I’m used to from other apps for opening folders (e.g. TextMate, Coda). Would it be reasonable to file a bug to request that both behaviors open the directory in dev mode?


All I did was selected a folder so that it was highlighted and clicked the Open button. So it might be a bug that is already fixed (between v0.165.0 and the latest master which I’m on). You might want to check the Issues list (both open and closed) on the Atom project before filing a new bug.


That’s curious… I just built version 0.166.0-5276cb7 from git, and now when I do open in dev mode I get a white window (in contrast to my dark theme) with very little UI chrome. The Packages menu doesn’t have anything listed, there’s no file tree, and there’s no dev mode signifier. What am I doing wrong here?


The symptoms you describe is what used to happen when Atom couldn’t find any themes to load (like when you configured different UI or syntax themes but then opened in Safe Mode, disabling any packages outside of the default-installed ones). Changes were made to fix this behavior in Safe Mode … but perhaps you have invalid themes in your ~/.atom/dev/packages directory?


I think what happened here was that I was using the git HEAD version while OS X could still find the old release version. I deleted the release version and now things work properly! \o/ Thank you for being so patient with me.