Open from WinSCP


I’ve happily used Atom as an external editor from WinSCP for more than a year. I simply find the file in WinSCP, click edit, and then it opens up in Atom, where I can edit away. Saving uploads it back to the server.

This morning I re-installed Atom, and now this process doesn’t work anymore. I just can’t figure out what has happened. Now, this same procedure opens Atom, but no file appears. If I try again, a new window opens with an empty file. I can’t find any setting to fix this.

What has happened? And how can I get back to how it worked before? I’m completely frustrated and wish I could somehow go back to my older version.


I had what I think was a similar issue - for me it worked to input from the terminal atom --clear-window-state . though if you had any unsaved buffers in your project they will be gone.