Open Folder Issue


Is there a way to open folder into a existing Atom Process? Currently when I open a project from the Open Folder it will open a new window and leave the old one behind.

TL;DR can you merge windows with opening a folder.


I am also wondering about this. I see why it does it, but sometimes I don’t want to keep the existing Atom window open.

Currently I open up Atom -> file open folder -> choose folder -> wait for Atom to open the folder in a new window -> close the empty Atom window behind the new one. And now I can start working.

I would really like to skip the closing of the old window and just start working. All I can think of is to add something like “Set folder” in addition to “Open Folder”.

I suppose another good option is to add a context menu item for Open Atom Here.


There was a recent commit that changes this behavior along the lines you are looking for.
Have a look at this:

It will be available as part of the next release, v124, or if you build from the repository now.