Open folder in three on file click


Steps which explain the enhancement

  1. Double click on the file tab on the top of the IDE.
  2. The file is automatically focus on the folder three and the file highlighted.

Current and suggested behavior / Why would the enhancement be useful to most users

I was wondering if it could be possible to open the three folder on the sidebar on clic or double click on file tab.

If a file is open but the folder is hard to access or closed, far away or lost in all the opened folder and you want to access to a file near the one open, without having to search and navigate longer in the folder three.

[List some other text editors or applications where this enhancement exists]

This behaviour come from visual code studio and is pretty cool when you are lost in a big project and want to access faster to a folder. But visual have this behaviors on every file switch, which some time is not needed (that’s why it could be cool to have this event oncli on click or double click on the file tab).

Atom Version: 1.9.9
OS and Version: OXS 10.11.6