Open Files as Tabs and not as List


I can’t figure out how to configure the layout that the “open files” are showed as tabs and not as list at the sidebar.
Appreciate it if you have any hints for me?! Thanks.


There are a few packages that do this:


I don’t want the open files as a list, I want them as tabs and as far as I remember a tabbed view is the default for atom, right? But can’t find to configure it again.


What packages do you have installed? You can find them in the Settings View, which you can open with Cmd+, on OS X or Ctrl+, on other platforms. Or you can use the apm list command at the command line.


Well, I installed quite a lot of them (a couple of themes because I can’t decide which one I like the most so still trying :wink:

Community packages are:
├── Oblivion@0.4.2
├── atom-beautify@0.28.19
├── atom-material-ui@0.8.0
├── autocomplete-php@0.3.7
├── base16-eighties-dark@2.1.1
├── base16-eighties-dark-syntax@0.1.0
├── cfeclipse-light-syntax@0.1.6
├── color-picker@2.0.13
├── editorconfig@1.2.2
├── electron-light-syntax@1.2.0
├── file-icons@1.6.12
├── gl-light-syntax@2.1.0
├── highlight-line@0.11.0
├── linter@1.11.3
├── minimap@4.16.2
├── native-ui@0.9.0
├── newton-dark-syntax@1.1.5
├── newton-dark-ui@1.0.9
├── northem-light-atom-ui@0.2.1
├── php-cs-fixer@2.5.1
├── php-light-syntax@1.0.2
├── piatto-light@2.0.2
├── pigments@0.19.1
├── project-manager@2.6.5
├── remote-edit@1.8.22
├── save-session
├── slack-ui@0.6.0
├── slime@1.4.0
└── specials-board@0.8.0


After deinstalling all community themes I got the tab view back. But can’t say atm which theme it caused.