Open files above tree view


I really dislike using tabs on per file basis, we dedicate the entire left side of the editor for file usage then we place tabs on top of the editor, just really feels unnatural to me.

I suggest using a section above the tree view for an “open/active” files area, much like how Chocolat does it.

Feel much more natural than:

I was told, and I’m sure it is possible, that this could be done with CSS, I just have no idea how I’d go about doing it. Either way, I think this should be a feature by default.

Allow for alternate tab placement
Any package for vertical list of tabs/open files?
Implemented: tabs in sidebar!

Me too. I miss this feature that’s present in ST


I didn’t realize this. Is it a package or a setting to get it to open files above the tree-view?


I don’t know that everyone will agree about that (or almost anything else about their text editor of choice). For me, I hate the list of active files above the tree view in Chocolat. I’m not sure I love Coda’s little file icons in the toolbar, either.

I do like Atom’s tabs (other than the fact that I can’t drag them from window to window).

Perhaps another option to configure?



It looks like there is an issue for this on the Tree View package:


Happens by default in my ST (version 3)


weird. i don’t have it. i wonder if a package that i have cut it off. will have to check. thanks


I used this over tabs in ST. I’d like to see this in Atom. Atom could even 1 up ST in this area too by keeping the file view always visible with it’s own scroll bar.


Seems like this has been quiet for a while but I’ve not found any decent tab management. It would be super to see a dropdown icon listing all the tabs in list view at the end of the tabs. Such a feature exists in Netbeans which is such a useful tool in the developers arsenal.

Has anyone else found any good tab managers? Perhaps I should look into creating one :smiley:


Similar functionality in enhanced-tabs or there is expose for a graphical overview of all open tabs.

I agree though that same UI would be nice!


I’ve been meaning to make my own package so I’ll have a go and post back when I’ve made some progress :wink:


Yes, in Eclipse too. And we can search this list!
Also useful in Eclipse: Ctrl+Shift+E opens a dialog with all opened files. We can close selected ones from there, switch to one file, etc.


Oh, and see also the package.


I wrote this tiny little script that simply moves the tab bar element into the side bar: dbkaplun/atom-tabs-in-sidebar. Maybe you guys will like it as well. tree-view-open-files is great but it doesn’t include much of the functionality that atom/tabs has, like rearranging and context menus. This retains all functionality!


Any update on this? I tried several packages such as tree-view-open-files and none of the ones I tried worked very well - either they take up too much space or they have layout problems when the list of files is long (double scrollbars for example, or not being able to see both the regular tree view and the list of open files at the same time).

I typically have 20-30 files open at once when I’m working on a change (components, unit tests, etc) and I’d like a nice, compact way to quickly switch between them with one or two mouse clicks.

This is probably my number once annoyance with Atom.


Did you know about the Buffer Finder provided by the built-in fuzzy-finder package? You can use Cmd+B on macOS or Ctrl+B on other platforms to open the Buffer Finder which shows the list of open files you have and allows you to fuzzy search on them. You can open the Buffer Finder, type a few characters from the name of the file and press Enter to switch to the one you want.


Not that useful for me - if I could remember the names of all the files I have open I wouldn’t need tabs in the first place, I could just ctrl-t to open a file by name.


Is there a way to turn this OFF if I dont want to see open files above the tree view, and only see the tree view? Thanks.


What are you using to generate the list of open files?


Who knows a well working implementation of ‘open files’ for Atom 1.17.0?